Friday, December 28, 2012


A bat is beautifully soft and silky; I do not know any creature that is pleasanter to the touch or is more grateful for caressings, if offered in the right spirit. - Mark Twain

The body of a bat

A bat has pokey ears, gray fur, and big umbrella-like wings.  It has little feet, pink mouth, sharp teeth.  

What bats eat and who eats it 

Bats eat berries, fruits, insects, fish and flowers.  The adaptations that they use are sharp teeth, and echolocation.  A bat uses its wings as a net to scoop insects into its mouth. Its predators are snakes, hawks, owls, eagles, and raccoon's.  It protects itself by using its sharp teeth and flying fast and high.

Life of a Bat

Bats grow up so fast!  In 2 months a bat becomes an adult size.  The mother bat carries her babies for the first few days of life.  They leave their mom in one month.  Did you know that they live in a quiet cave?  Bats live more than 20 years!  They live in trees, caves and all over the world except Antarctica.

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