Monday, September 14, 2020

My Philosophy #2

You see, I have 2 parts of myself, 2 personalities, so to speak. The first thrives on simplicity. It loves organized calendars and predictable events. The second part of myself loves to complicate things. It thinks that a simple life is boring. It loves to procrastinate events to make them more difficult, and thereby, more interesting. It loves change and hates constancy. 

When life gets too easy, I try to complicate things to make life interesting. And when life gets too hard, I crave simplicity. 

These days, I find that I behave like my second personality. I watch hundreds of hours of youtube in order to procrastinate my college essays. The problem is that writing a college essay is not an easy task. It takes many hours of editing and rewriting. My fear is that because of my procrastination, I may not be able to finish my essay before the deadline. I think that procrastinating has made my life a little too hard. 

I think it's time to simplify things and stop procrastinating.  

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